Trying to understand and to be understood by someone shouldn’t be a hard task for most people right?

Right, but when it comes to the teenagers this can be a little difficult sometimes. Those young people are still under construction of a character and very vulnerable to the outside world’s opinions and that could be very distressing for them.

A teenager’s head works like a tornado of thoughts basically all the time and as they still don’t have a solid way to deal with all those thoughts that go back and forth all at the same time just like a downtown traffic during the rush hour in high speed. They are likely to crash or break down if not assisted.

Some parents, when trying to take a better approach to their teens, could end up with an argument or a drama in the house if they are not careful.

First of all, teenagers are often wondering “why don’t people understand me?”, for two main reasons: They find it difficult to verbalize what they actually feel about something or someone, and consequently we can’t read their minds to find out.

Responsibly, give them space, give them a voice. They will “payback”what they think is fair. So they will listen to you when you have something to tell them.

Parents and educators will be their Role Models. Mentoring a teenager, helping (HELPING. Not making), them to mold behaviours, controll impulsive actions and organize thoughts is a matter of acquiring their permission for it. It is all about friendship and bond strengthening.


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