Although many teens are going to have on the top of their minds what they believe is the meaning of online integrity and responsibility, it is in fact not many of them whom actually follow their own beliefs.
It belongs to the parenting life the help or guidance of the young people through the no longer new virtual world. They are now born into these elements and are as well as vulnerable on it as on the streets of the real world when walking on their own.
This is a good activity in order to exercise the awareness and maturity about the use of technologies by them and why not yourself, adult.


  1. Ask your students/campers what they know about “online integrity and responsibility” and give them a few minutes to verbalize it.
  2. In sequence, ask if they are being responsible and looking after their own integrity. Once they all answered it (not necessarily out loud), give them the following exercise:
  3. Write their own names in a piece of paper. Fold it. Collect their papers.
  4. Randomly you redistribute the papers around making sure they haven’t got their own names.
  5. Now the task: Google your peer’s name as if you were a stalker. Take notes of places they were, when, what they were doing, their companies at that time. Everything you consider would be an information a stalker would be looking for.
  6. Ask the students bring up what they have found about this person. But be careful for not to expose the kids with their personal issues.
  7. Last, discuss with them the risks of an overexposure on the virtual world. Were they really safe? What could they do to protect their integrity online? Help them to fix whatever they want to fix on their online profiles. Show in the practice how they can make their social media profiles private and safer.



Adapted from the Cyberbullying Research Center





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