Meal times. There are only a few situations during the day at camp that can be so pleasant and stressful at the same time. Specially when you are in a cabin of younger campers. Oh boy, apparently they go wild when in touch with food. So in order to try to make it easier for you young counselor, let’s go through this quick guideline for table management in dining hall.

  • Check to make sure that all your campers are present at the beginning of every meal.

  • Watch for campers that are not eating and drinking enough.

This can be indicative of another problem (like homesickness), or it can happen because the camper simply does not like the food. Some campers may just need to be reminded. Others will need to be actively encouraged. Games are a great way to encourage kids to eat and drink more. Please make sure what games are and are not appropriate;

  • Meal time is a great opportunity to get to know the campers at your table. 

Learn their names as soon as possible. Ask them about their activities and their day. Interact with them on a personal level. A little individual attention goes a long way with campers. Refrain from just talking to other staff members;

  • Wait to serve yourself until all the campers have been served. This includes desert.

  • Keep your table quiet during announcements. Worry about your table and not about other’s tables

  • Help out at the table

It is your responsibility to make sure that your campers as helpers clear and clean your table. Help them out if necessary.

  • And finnaly, check to make sure that all your campers are present at the end of every meal.


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